8-Best Patio Furniture Sets in 2020 India

8-Best Patio Furniture Sets in 2020 India

Two weeks ago, I attended a garden party. I saw a stylish patio furniture set there and got mesmerized by the beauty and comfort of it. I wanted to buy one and have a quick search on the internet. I come across many of them from different brands. Here in the 8-best patio furniture sets in 2020, I have included the best products for you.  

You will find various outdoor patio furniture sets from different manufacturers in the market. All of them are not equal in quality as well as price. Let me help you with accurate information about the best patio furniture sets in 2020. With included pros and cons, you will get an overall idea about these products. So, read on for more details. 

The 8-best patio furniture sets in 2020 are here for the outdoor patio furniture set searchers. 

8-Best Patio Furniture Sets in 2020:

Choosing the right product with quality from various options is not easy. The proper knowledge of the product helps you to choose the right one. The 8-best patio furniture sets in 2020 will help you achieve knowledge to make the right decision. Let’s dive into the review part. 


Product Name

Product Image



Italica Patio Furniture Set


Dreamline Outdoor Patio Furniture Set


Italica Furniture Patio Furniture Set


Italica Furniture Patio Furniture Set


Easyday Futura Patio Furniture Set


RW REST WELL Patio Furniture Set 


Italica Patio Furniture Set


Brit Finesse Patio Furniture Set

#1 Italica Patio Furniture Set

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Italica Furniture armchair and table combo is a unique product for any kind of outdoor activity. It comes with four seating chairs and a fine table. With its polypropylene virgin plastic materials, it offers long-lasting performance. The cutting edge with a smart design ensures durability. It will provide an elegant look for your terrace, garden, office, or outdoor.  

Do you want to decor your yard, lawn, garden, or terrace with a luxurious patio set? Italica Furniture armchair and table combo is the right choice for you. Its durable feature ensures quality comfort in a long life. The dimensions of the chairs are standard enough to provide sitting comfort for you. Keep your hands on relaxation on the arms of the chairs. 

You can sit comfortably in your outdoor activities with the Italica armchair set. Its center table allows you to keep your necessary things when needed. With its light-weight feature, it permits you to carry it to your desired place. The manufacturer offers a ten days easy replacement. It applies in case of manufacturing or shipping damage.


  • It offers the fastest delivery possible. 
  • It comes with a modern and stylish design. 
  • You will get four seating furniture set at a reasonable price.


  • It may come with poor quality. 
  • You can get a damaged item during delivery. 
  • The customer service may not be satisfactory.


#2 Dreamline Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

Available on Amazon

Let me introduce you to the second product of this review. The Dreamline outdoor garden patio seating set is the perfect fit for your balcony. With a center table, it offers a standard height and size for its users. You can keep your tea or coffee mug on the glass top while relaxing with your partner. It comes with two stylish chairs to provide you superior comfort. 

The chairs with its waterproof and dust resistant features ensure long-lasting performance. With its rattan wicker materials, the Dreamline outdoor patio set offers a quality product for its customers. You can have this patio furniture set for your indoor or outdoor activities. You will enjoy ten days easy replacement offer in case of manufacturing defects. 

The chairs come with a smart height as well as width to provide relaxation for its consumers. The Dreamline outdoor patio chairs with its stylish center table are the must-have product for you. Any luxurious home will be more beautiful if decorated with this superior quality furniture set. Its light-weight feature makes it easily portable without any hassle.


  • It offers a sturdy patio set within your budget.
  • The packaging comes with a great look.
  • You can easily clean and manage this beautiful patio furniture set.


  • The table glass top may not fit properly. 
  • The quality of the product may not be satisfactory. 
  • The body can start tearing up after a few months.


#3 Italica Furniture Patio Furniture Set

Available on Amazon

The Italica Furniture chair and table combo is the next product of this review. Now I am going to discuss more these beautiful chairs set. It comes with four gorgeous, stylish seating chairs and a center table. You can assemble the center table by following the included instructions. Start using the pre-assembled chairs at your indoor or outdoor party. 

The superior quality of virgin plastic materials makes it durable enough to provide longer life. You will get two years of manufacturing warranty in case of manufacturing defects. The sellers also offer a ten days easy replacement in case of shipping damage. You can get this beautiful outdoor patio furniture set with quality within your budget. 

The smart white color of the Italica Furniture chair and table combo can easily adjust to the luxurious indoor. It offers a superior quality of comfort for its users than its competitors. With its sleek design, the matte finish of this product makes it ideal for its competitors. It will beautify your indoor/ balcony at a reasonable price. 


  • You will love this light-weight patio set for your balcony or terrace. 
  • Its sturdy design with the smart white color makes it beautiful. 
  • You will be satisfied with its finish and quality. 


  • It costs more than its competitors. 
  • The quality of the product needs improvement. 
  • Its beautiful design will fit with your interior.


#4 Italica Furniture Patio Furniture Set

Available on Amazon

Italica Furniture armchair and table combo is the next outdoor patio set for your consideration. It comes with four white color armchairs and a center coffee table. Its beautiful rectangular table makes this patio set unique from its competitors. With its polypropylene virgin plastic materials, it offers you a long-lasting performance with quality comfort.  

You can use this armchair & table set in your office, garden, balcony, or your living room. The simple but classic design of the center table can easily match your luxurious indoor decorations. With its sleek design, this patio furniture set saves space in your living room or balcony. Its light-weight feature allows you to set it wherever you want. I assure you that you will love this patio set. 

Its durable plastic materials ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. It will provide a superior quality of comfort with longer life. With a ten days replacement offer, the sellers allow you to return the damaged product. The elegant design with a stylish finish of this furniture set is the complement of luxurious patio sets.


  • It comes with great quality to ensure durability.
  • Its modern design with a beautiful look will beautify your home decor. 
  • You will find this outdoor patio set very comfortable and useful. 


  • You may face difficulty dismantling the tabletop. 
  • It may break down if you need to assemble it often. 
  • The replacement policy is time-consuming. 


#5 Easyday Futura Patio Furniture Set

Available on Amazon

The next outdoor patio furniture set is the Easyday Futura set. That comes with one vegas center table and four plastic chairs. It is a unique combo for living room, balcony, terrace, or garden. You can enjoy your evening with your family by sitting on the Easyday Futura furniture set. With its superior quality plastic materials, it offers a long time performance for you. 

The molded cutting edge design of the stylish seating chairs complement the indoor decorations. You can use this Futura furniture set for multiple purposes. It can be a great fit for your outdoor, terrace, balcony, or garden. The luxury chairs won its customers’ minds with its quality comfort and stylish look. You will get a one-year replacement warranty for manufacturing defects. 

You don’t have to assemble the chairs because it comes with the pre-assembled state. Assemble the table by following the included instructions with less effort. The standard height and width of the chairs are perfect for adult users. The vegas center table will increase the beauty of your luxurious living room. Use it as the dining table in your living room or corner table on your porch or balcony.


  • Its durable plastic materials ensure long-lasting performance. 
  • The wood-like plastic table looks excellent. 
  • You will experience quality comfort with a reasonable amount. 


  • The product wall may crack after a few weeks. 
  • You may find the packaging of poor quality. 
  • The manufacturer offers a short time returnable feature. 


#6 RW REST WELL Patio Furniture Set

Available on Amazon

Let me introduce you to the RW Rest Well armchair and table combo. The polypropylene virgin plastic materials make it durable to offer long-lasting performance. With the classic design of the center table, it will fit with other luxurious furniture. The armchair allows you to rest your hands while sitting in it. 

Assemble the center table easily by following the instructions and start using. Set this combo set in your living room, garden, terrace, or balcony. You can use this furniture set for dining purposes or tea parties. With its sleek design and wicker brown color, this patio furniture set wins the customers’ minds. It is a perfect fit as a study table for your children. 

You can clean this patio furniture set with wet or dry clothes. Just wipe the dirt with the soft clothes. Its rust-resistant feature ensures durable performance. You will get a one-year manufacturing warranty in case of any manufacturing defects. Experience luxurious beauty and comfort with RW Rest Well armchair and table set.


  • It is a stylish patio set with a classic look. 
  • You will have a great purchase with quality comfort. 
  • It will be a perfect fit for your terrace or balcony. 


  • You may face difficulty with assembling the set. 
  • The customer service can delay the replacement. 
  • The quality of the product can be poor.


#7 Italica Patio Furniture Set

Available on Amazon

Let me introduce you to another unique outdoor patio furniture set by Italica. The Italica armchair and table combo white color are the best furniture set option you can have for you. With its high-quality virgin plastic materials, it offers durable working performance with quality comfort. You can enjoy your time with your family by sitting on this patio set. 

It comes with four white color seating chairs set. The center table with a white and matte finish looks elegant in your house decor. Like other Italica furniture sets, it comes with pre-assembled chairs and easy to assemble table. You can use this armchair set for your outdoor activities as well as indoor decorations. 

The chairs and the table come with a standard height and width. It is easily portable with less effort and can sit wherever you want. The manufacturer offers a two years manufacturing warranty for any manufacturing defects or damages. With its superior quality virgin plastic materials, it is a perfect fit for adults. You can stack this item with its other kinds. 


  • The sturdy design of the armchairs provides quality comfort. 
  • It is a unique product with quality materials to ensure durability.
  • You can have one for your terrace or garden. 


  • It costs more than its competitors. 
  • It offers a normal product with more value.
  • The tabletop may come broken during the delivery. 


#8 Brit Finesse Patio Furniture Set

Available on Amazon

Let’s wrap up the review part with the Brit Finesse Rattan Furniture. It comes with two seating chairs and an included cushion to provide comfort for its customers. With its water-resistant nature, it is a perfect fit for poolside and outdoor activities. The center table comes with a 5mm thick glass top to ensure uncompromising working performance. 

Brit Finesse Garden Furniture comes with a powder coating steel frame to enable it to prevent rust. It is durable and fit for everyday use. With its elegant design, it looks beautiful for any luxurious decoration. The rust resistance feature makes it one of the best patio furniture sets for its customers.

It is a perfect choice for new couples with white color, two seating chairs, and a center table. You can enjoy your evening tea with your partner while sitting on Brit Finesse Garden Furniture. You will get two included waterproof seat cushions that you can wash easily.


  • You will experience superior quality comfort in sitting.
  • It is easy to assemble the glass top with less effort.
  • It offers long-lasting performance with quality. 


  • You may find the center table’s glass top handling difficult.
  • You need to be careful about the spots.



As mentioned above, the 8-Best Patio Furniture Sets in 2020 have comprehensive information about the patio sets. The pros and cons of these products give you accurate knowledge about them. I hope you have your desired item from these best patio furniture sets. 

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